Our Journey Home, a retreat to India, November 1-14. 

This will be our final chance to study with Swami Parthasarathy at the Vedanta Academy in India, November 1-14, 2023. 


We have been the only public group ever invited to the ashram. Spanning the last 20 years, this will be our third trip in which our guru will be available for us.


In 2003 I found home: The place I had never been, forever searched for and yet somehow return to. No place felt so foreign and yet so familiar, exactly where I belonged. Swamiji, The Academy and the teachings have been home. They have taken me across the world, to thousands of people and have kept me still, on one path, in one headspace and with the mission of Self Evolution.


India is a place of timeless history, and The Academy has preserved a method of living and teaching that can’t be found anywhere else. Our Journey Home takes us there for a week of life changing education. Time will be filled with Karma, Bhakti & Gnana Yoga. We will be up close and personal with Swamiji, Sunandaji and other leaders at the academy. It is impossible to adequately describe, but something for which you must be ready and seeking.


Our second week in India, we will sojourn to a beautiful 5-star luxury accommodation in Goa. This incredible beach town is steeped in art, jewelry, body work and Indian culture. It is a place to experience!


Understand that there is no other environment you will ever be in that is this conducive for self-reflection. It may be uncomfortable. However, seeing yourself as clearly as you will, learning what you will, will bring you home, to the place you’ve always wanted to be, a place residing within you, and is YOU.


Since we are traveling across the world, that comes with a lot of organizing.

This means making last minute decisions about joining won’t be available.

Tourist visa is required (we will help with the process).

Pricing has been finalized at $6999 plus airfare (will help with this too so that you will be able to get the best possible group travel rate and/or use miles & travel rewards).

Includes all vegetarian meals, lodging at the ashram, lodging at a world class 5 star resort and transportation by air and vehicle within India (this is extensive!).

You must complete an application prior to registration (unless there has already been a discussion with Eric or Rina). Payment plans are available.



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